You CAN have a marriage that feels even better now than when you said “I Do”

Don't let your marriage slip through the cracks! We’ve got your back with all the support you need to weave intentionality into your busy life. Let's make this fun and stress-free so that you and your partner can enjoy the ride!


The Marriage Culture

Where a tribe of married folks and a passionate marriage coach meet to give you the tools you never learned to create the marriage you want! It’s a Marriage Coach in your pocket!

You’re Always on My Mind

Yes, you!

The couple who wants to pour into their relationship but life is always pulling you in 50 million different directions, your to-do list is never-ending, and when you finally have time you or your spouse is passed out on the couch!

  • You read the relationship books, but you’re just not implementing the tools anymore

  • You’re exhausted and can’t seem to have fun and enjoy each other’s company without talking about bills, kids, doctor’s appointments, or house projects.

  • When you try to have a real conversation, one of you always shuts down or walks away.

  • You do pour into your marriage when you can, but you want a way to keep it fresh and growing without having to think about it yourself all the time.

  • You’re not getting the hungry stares and booty smacks you used to and you miss the intimacy, the touch, the reassurance your spouse still wants you.

  • You keep a lot to yourself that you want to say, but what you really want is the freedom to be able to share things and talk through things without it turning into an argument or getting dismissed.

  • You’re in the “it’s always my fault” loop whenever you talk about something hard and you want off the blame-game rollercoaster and on to the get-to-resolution-quickly without the headache ride!



I didn’t grow up seeing a healthy marriage, and my parents eventually divorced, and somehow that still didn’t stop me from getting married.

15+ years in with my husband and my parents look at us as #relationshipgoals (I mean, they literally told me this and I was just like damn, that’s deep).

BUT that didn’t come easily. We had a lot to learn together on the way (and are still growing).

I may have come into the relationship with certain communication skills (you’re talking to a middle school conflict mediator and a communication nerd here) BUT, I still had to learn how to talk to MY husband and he to me.

We had to learn each other, and figure out how not to drag ourselves and each other down in our darkest times.

Job loss, bankruptcy, moving in with my mom, switching careers, miscarriages, the death of my mom, more kids, a new house, mother-in-law moving in ... everything!

And we’ve come through those things with a more connected and intimate marriage in all the ways than we had before (growth on growth baby!).

But we stumbled as we learned, and what I learned in my own marriage and from coaching so many couples like you, I’m sharing here in The Marriage Culture, so you don’t have to fumble through!

The Marriage Culture

A monthly membership & online tribe for married folks who want to create (and keep) a marriage full of ease, friendship, freedom and intimacy (and have fun doing it!)

Are you ready for these goodies??

What Your Mama Didn’t Tell You About Marriage

It’s the Mushrooms and Potatoes (I’m plant based, so ...) of the membership with a dope twist!

Get bite-sized (2-5 minutes) marriage elevating nuggets coming right to you for your marriage. These are the tools you never got, the mindset resets you never thought of, and the marriage coach in your pocket you (maybe) didn’t know you needed until now.

And the dope twist??

You have a question or want insight on a specific topic, cool! Just add it to the forum or drop me a line and it becomes a part of the living breathing membership (anonymously of course).


How’s that for “tailored” to you!

 Number 1 Circle
Lucky Number Two

Monthly Live Watch/Listening Parties

Look, I know everybody’s schedules don’t align with showing up live to stuff, BUT this is here to enhance your experience and give us a chance to dig in in real time!

Movie clips, podcast episodes, cool interviews with dope people OR a submission from you! They are all fair game for our live monthly parties!

Come hang out and chat with me, your Coach!

Mix it up at our Quarterly Mixers

Come one come all to our mixers each quarter where we dive into connection activities like cooking, exercise, game nights, and more!

Live in-person event is part of the vision too for members who are down for a weekend in Atlanta!

Number Three in Circle
Afro Couple Cooking Together and Using Phone at Home.
Number Four in Circle
Group of young modern african black friends happily sitting together

A Tribe Called TMC

I have so many coupels that are not on the socials (Facebbok, IG, TikTok, Twitter (or is it X now?) either because it’s not healthy for them right now or it’s just not their thing.

And honestly, socials have you like “squirrel” every two seconds and getting thumb cramps from the scroll.

So we’ve got our own tribe FORUM off the socials to chat, ask questions, get inspired, inspire others, gain ideas, get a deeper perspective or just another perspective, and more! You’re not alone and you don’t have to go it alone!

Go on and get nosy in our Tribe Forum. I’m going to be in there spilling my own tea!!

Play Like Your Kids Aren’t Around ...

You know that meme of Oprah screaming “I LOVE BREAD!”? Well, that’s me, except I’m screaming “I LOVE GAMES!”

The Marriage Culture is what we like to call “gamified.”

What the heck does that mean?

  • It means you get points for taking action
  • Points add up to reveal hidden content, gifts, or easter eggs
  • Expect to be surprised: you never know what the points will unlock
  • And more fun activities are being added as I write this.!
Number Five in Ball

The Marriage Culture

Giving you exactly what you need to have stronger communication (without the shut down or the headache inducing arguments) AND an intimate marriage (not just intimate moment on birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries)

So much thought went into making THE MARRIAGE CULTURE value-packed, easy (not overwhelming) to digest, and still engaging for you on the other side!

It’s about helping you ...

  • Spend less time trying to figure out how to repair or even simply elevate your marriage in the area(s) most important to you and more time ACTUALLY DOING and LIVING the marriage you want!

  • Feel confident about approaching the hard conversations without the blow up, shut down, or blame game.

  • Feel the peace of getting to resolution after a disagreement (because they will happen) instead of the conversations getting heated.

  • Be able to actually date regularly in your marriage even if date night has been a struggle or non-existent (I get it, and I address ALL of that in the membership).

  • Know exactly how to talk about Taboo topics you may avoid like money and sex and make it fun, non-judgmental, and easy.

  • And just everything in between! If you can think of it, it’s either already in the membership or it’s coming either through member requests or because I “read your mind” and already added exactly what you needed! ;-)



Ask questions and share wins and struggles in the tribe. I’m in there like swimwear ready to read your stuff and drop a comment (not just a Like emoji). And because it’s a tribe, I’m not the only one!


Drop me a line and get insights from me straight to your inbox ...from actually me...not a bot!

LIVE watch parties

This is our time to talk about the real deal Holyfield stuff around marriage. No holds barred, just a safe space to dish out all your thoughts, opinions, and insights on marriage and hear what other folks are saying!

When you first login in, you see this...

Not some long list of course material or folders of information

  • A quick welcome video
  • The down and dirty deets on what to expect
  • And a chance to easily start grabbing points righ then and there!
Gadget Mockup Frames Laptop

Meet the Marriage Coach in your Pocket (or your desktop)

Imani Aieshah

Marriage + Intimacy Coach, Officiant

I’m a plant-based, pescatarian born and raised in the Bronx, NY whose accent has been slightly watered down from putting down roots in Georgia!

I’m a creative spirit with Type-A tendencies and 6+ years experience coaching couples on how to create peace, freedom, intimacy, and friendship in their marriage.

My secret sauce is helping couples who feel they’re on the brink of separation, but don’t want to give up just yet, restore friendship and intimacy in their marriage.

Communication is my jam, so I’m passionately committed to helping married folks become master communicators in their relationship so they can get true partnership amid exhaustion, crazy schedules, and demanding to-do lists.

So, how do I do that? I create fun and engaging online experiences to give couples both the techniques and confidence to tackle the inevitable tough times and truly create the solid, long-lasting marriage they want.

The Marriage Culture is my love letter to Marriage... It’s my love letter to YOU!

The Marriage Culture

You’re never “behind” or have to “catch up.” Your journey starts when YOU come in, dripped to you from that moment and there for you whenever you need it at your own pace.

“My husband and I did not celebrate our 9 year anniversary but we definitely made up for it by celebrating our 10 year milestone... together!”

I am truly thankful for the guidance & accountability I received as well as seeing the progress from it. My husband and I did not celebrate our 9 year anniversary but we definitely made up for it by celebrate our 10 year milestone...together! And one of the most beautiful results from the work we did to save our marriage was having our 9 year old daughter witness us overcome the rough spots. Even at her age, she expressed how happy it made her to see us laugh together again.



What happens after I sign up?

As soon as you join, you’ll be properly greeted with a little pop up celebration of how dope you are for leaning into your marriage and then taken to your simple welcome page. From there, you have access to all the marriage nuggets already there & ready to drip onto your phone, tablet, or computer with bite-sized insight at your fingertips.

Do both spouses need to be members?

You don’t have to, but you absolutely can. You get one subscription for the household (i.e. you and your spouse), and you can both login and gain access to use it. One of you may be diving in more than the other, but you both will be able to see and utilize the goodies.

How often is new content added?

Right now, new content is added almost daily so you have a steady stream of marriage nuggets at the ready as soon as you join. Remember, the nuggets are short 2-5 minutes and some even a few seconds. You can consume at your own pace and get you and your spouse some points on the board while you’re at it.

Is this only for marriages that are on the brink of divorce?

While those are the couples I focus on in my private and year long immersion experiences, THIS is for all married folk who want to elevate their marriage from where they are right now and keep intention top of mind without having to figure out how to do that on their own with their busy schedules.

How does billing work? Can I cancel anytime?

Our membership is like Netflix. You can cancel at any time but will have access to the membership for the remainder of the month you have already purchased. You are billed once a month from the day you purchase.

What is the investment?

The investment is $37/month (way less then the investment of any of the goodies in the membership separately). This was about creating an affordable AND transformational resource for folks who want to keep their marriage strong (or strengthen it if it’s been weakened).

When you get through this page, if you still have Qs for me to A, drop me a line at

The Marriage Culture

and you can join for

$37 month

Don’t Just Listen to Me ...

This pioneering young lady is taking a 21st century approach to marraige. She understand the mind, heart, and soul of a marraige. Take her hand and let her guide you!

Kenton P

She stands in truth for both sides of a couple, she is fair and teaches skills for us to solve situations for ourselves. She teaches us to listen, not just through conversation but by observing our partner. Imani is a fountain of experienced knowledge and a dedicated teacher.

Gopica R.

Imani has helped improve my marriage so much! She is very practical yet has the ability to hear and see beyond what is being said. I love her passion to see marriages thriving!

Lenora J.

Even if you’ve done the retreats, workshops, courses, books, counseling, coaching, etc, at some point those stop, and you’re left fending for yourself in your marriage without ongoing support!

This is the space The Marriage Culture fills!

How would it feel to have a marriage coach in your pocket, at the ready, with bite-sized insights, actions, and marriage mindset remixes that will keep your marriage in a state of elevation without you having to "figure out" what to do next to be intentional about connection, communication, and intimacy in your marriage?

Ooo, that was a mouthful... you might have to run that back!

I’ve got your back!

You’ve just got to show up and take one step right now toward having the healthiest, connected marriage you’ve ever had!


Let’s Do